Hospitality Applications

Wireless Waiter

The Wireless Waiter Bell provides an instant calling system for customers via wireless technology. Applications can include requesting a waiter at a restaurant, a table bell, wireless pager bell, a day spa bell, cafe bell, bistro bell, surf club bell, RSL bell, diner bell, pokie bell, gaming machine bell, staff bell, restaurant bell or a wireless service bell ...............more



Wireless Waiter

The Wireless Waiter Pager is a hospitality paging system which notifies customers with a flash and vibration the instant their table or order is ready. Applications can include a cafe pager, bistro pager, surf club pager, RSL pager, diner pager, restaurant beeper, staff pager, day spa pager, takeaway shop pager, restaurant pager, coffee shop pager, food service pager, meal ready pager or a golf club pager .............more


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