Medical Applications

Wireless Waiter

The Wireless Waiter Bell provides an instant calling system for customers via wireless technology. Applications can include a patient bell or hospital bell, nursing bell, dentist bell, medical bell, doctor bell, nurse bell, waiting room bell, chemist bell or a general wireless bell for medical applications ...............more



Wireless Waiter

The Wireless Waiter Pager is a medical paging system which notifies a patient with a flash and vibration the instant the medical staff are able to see them. Ideal for waiting rooms or chemists where the customer has to wait for an extended period. Applications can include a patient pager or hospital pager, nursing pager, dentist pager, medical pager, doctor pager, nurse pager, waiting room pager, chemist pager, pharmacy pager, doctors surgery bell, pathology pager or a general wireless pager for medical applications .............more


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